Matt Wade: City Song

The Matt Wade Band – City Song – at the Langosta Lounge, Asbury Park, NJ, USA – February 3rd, 2012

I don’t really know, why it took me as long as almost a whole year to get back to Matt Wade and his (in)famous horn driven Band from Point Pleasant, NJ… Life had a couple of too many ups and downs, I guess… muy trabacho and that kind of stuff, probably, yeah. But since I am subcribed to Chris Rotolo’s YouTube channel, I had the pleasure, to get Matt’s most recent live-video delivered today, very conveniently, right into my mailbox…

I love Matt… almost as much as I love technology!

Thanks Chris!!!

Early Elton: Burn Down The Mission

Early Elton – Burn Down The Mission – Rockwood Music Hall – New York City, NY – 14.01.2011

This is just another reason why I hate my life. Kazee, Pagano & Conte are going to play the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC again, TONIGHT! And me will be sitting at home in front of the lousy TV watching a lousy football match. If I’d be having the budget, I’d fly those guys in and have them play my local bar on every other weekend… But well… I’m gonna pump me up for the two nights with them JUKES in Amsterdam & Osnabrück instead…

You can’t always get what you want… but you get what you need!

And YOU can expect a couple of JUKES updates right at this and every OTHER place!

Ry Cooder: John Lee Hooker For President

When I first came to town people I was walkin’ down Pennsylvania Avenue. I heard a lot people talking ’bout the White House. I decided I’d drop in there that night. And when I got there I said man what’s shakin’. They said look man you can’t come in here this where the President hang out. What you want. I said look man, I’m John Lee Hooker, I sing the blues. They said the President don’t have time for the blues. I said look man everybody got to have the blues sometime don’t matter where you from or where you at…

Buy the album: Ry Cooder – Pull Up Some Dust & Sit Down

Nils Lofgren: Too Many Miles

To quote the great Southside Johnny: “Playing on a cruise, that’s like prison, with the chance of drowning…” Here’s Nils Lofgren, cruising the rivers in New York City. Not a place you want to face hurricane Irene’s arrival today… she’s gonna take center stage for a little while. But watching Nils play and listening to his fabulous guitar work, that’s something which might get you through the winds and waters… as long as your Internet connection keeps it going…

I’ve said that about many guitar players… this guy is just way too good for the band he’s playing with… No offense Bruce… but ain’t that nothing but the truth?

Jesse Malin: Disco Ghetto

Oh boy, how do I do this? I mean, you all know I am a HUGE Jesse Malin fan. I absolutely LOVE him as an artist and I’m crazy about his live shows… His songs, though, are ranging from pure genius to above-average-radio. And I’m not a big fan of the average, as you know. “Disco Ghetto” – which just came out as a single of his latest album “Love It To Life” is maybe one of the few more to average songs Jesse recently did. I’d compare it to Bruce’s “Girls In Their Summer Clothes”. Naw, it’s better than that, and Bruce got a Grammy for his take! It’s a great little tune when Jesse does it solo, raw, only accompanied by his guitar – great story – upbeat – for me, it just doesn’t spark on the record and I blame the production for cutting a few to many edges on it.

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T-Bone Walker: Call It Stormy Monday

People: It’s August in Germany! We’re supposed to get our a**es grilled in the sun of one beautiful summer. We’re supposed to live through the hottest days of the year… and instead, I’m thinking about turning the heating on and having a drink at 4 o’clock in the afternoon already.

Thank God there is music… thank God for the blues! This will get me through another day & humanity will survive!