The Tallest Man On Earth: Love Is All

It only took a man traveling all the way from Nevada’s desert to Lüdinghausen, Germany, to get me into Kristian Matsson from Dalarna, Sweden. Kristian is “The Tallest Man On Earth”… has two albums out already and will be heard of a lot – if there is any justice left in the music world!

Thanks a LOT, John! And a Happy New Year to all!

Finally, Europe Is Ready 4 The JUKES! (Again)

Some of the best people I know are NOT from New Jersey… they’re Scottish, actually, Glasweegians… and this is what happened, when New Jersey’s finest has been meeting Glasgow’s best for the last time… In my humble opinion, probably one of the best audiences all over Europe (YES, Scottland actually IS a part of Europe!)…

TONIGHT only: SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES’ opening of their Euro Extravaganza 2011 at the Renfrew River Ferry, Glasgow… I can’t be there, other commitments, you know… but I know quite a few very good people who will and I know they’ll be making me proud of them – again!

Raise a glass! & WELCOME BACK!

Dave Davies: KinKdom Kome

A Sunday might be the best choice for me to post this BBC4 feature about one of the two brothers who formed the core of one of the best ever bands to come out of Britain. This feature takes a little bit more than one hour, and might be the best hour of your lifetime you’d be investing in watching TV this week… and, hey, since it’s Sunday…!

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Willie Nile: Somewhere It’s Raining / Heaven Help (2 Videos)

Willie Nile – Somewhere It’s Raining (Treviglio, Italy, 2011)

Our friend Willie on tour in the High Alps in Treviglio, Italy on 16 July 2011. Yeah… now I know where I should have been spending my summer vacations. Instead, it’s been raining down on us, for weeks… How did he know that?

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