The Tallest Man On Earth: Love Is All

It only took a man traveling all the way from Nevada’s desert to Lüdinghausen, Germany, to get me into Kristian Matsson from Dalarna, Sweden. Kristian is “The Tallest Man On Earth”… has two albums out already and will be heard of a lot – if there is any justice left in the music world!

Thanks a LOT, John! And a Happy New Year to all!

Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes – Rosenhof, Osnabrück

Tracklist: Broke Down Piece Of Man, Love On The Wrong Side Of Town, All I Needed Was You, Cross That Line, I Played The Fool, All Night Long, Baby’s Gone For Good, Walk Away Renee, I Remember Last Night, Talk To Me, This Time It’s For Real, Lead Me On / The Fever

Southside Johnny – Vocals & Harp, Jeff Kazee – Keyboards, Glenn Alexander – Guitars, Jon Conte – Bass, Joe Belia – Drums, Chris Anderson – Trumpet, Eddie Manion – Sax, Neal Pawley – Trombone

Andy Fairweather Low: Hymn For My Soul (6 Videos)

Spend last night with the wife at our favorite RottenRock&Roll theater, just to see Borussia Dortmund defeating Werder Bremen on their own pitch by 0:2 and having some of the finest gentlemen who ever came out of England to play two sets on a Friday night just for us. A great night was had by all. Football fans happy, music lovers happy, Andy happy. Happy Weekend!

Watch out for more videos after the jump!

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Finally, Europe Is Ready 4 The JUKES! (Again)

Some of the best people I know are NOT from New Jersey… they’re Scottish, actually, Glasweegians… and this is what happened, when New Jersey’s finest has been meeting Glasgow’s best for the last time… In my humble opinion, probably one of the best audiences all over Europe (YES, Scottland actually IS a part of Europe!)…

TONIGHT only: SOUTHSIDE JOHNNY & THE ASBURY JUKES’ opening of their Euro Extravaganza 2011 at the Renfrew River Ferry, Glasgow… I can’t be there, other commitments, you know… but I know quite a few very good people who will and I know they’ll be making me proud of them – again!

Raise a glass! & WELCOME BACK!

Early Elton: Burn Down The Mission

Early Elton – Burn Down The Mission – Rockwood Music Hall – New York City, NY – 14.01.2011

This is just another reason why I hate my life. Kazee, Pagano & Conte are going to play the Rockwood Music Hall in NYC again, TONIGHT! And me will be sitting at home in front of the lousy TV watching a lousy football match. If I’d be having the budget, I’d fly those guys in and have them play my local bar on every other weekend… But well… I’m gonna pump me up for the two nights with them JUKES in Amsterdam & Osnabrück instead…

You can’t always get what you want… but you get what you need!

And YOU can expect a couple of JUKES updates right at this and every OTHER place!