The Clash: London Calling

You don’t expect a political or social commentary piece on the riots in the UK from me on this music blog, do you? Well, the Clash did one already, 31 years ago. Still valid, I believe! The news are providing so called “reports” day in and day out. I can’t take that for more than 30 seconds anymore. But I still recommend Penny Red’s Panic On The Streets Of London. She’s just been trying to describe and explain a bit more than “just” the scenery out on the streets – she’s doing that as a Londoner – so, she has all rights to be personal. I believe she did well. Now, beside the quite brilliant article – you might want to read the whole comments as well. That gives you a picture. If it doesn’t give you quite more than that!

Britain is a tinderbox, and on Friday, somebody lit a match. How the hell did this happen? And what are we going to do now?

To all my friends in England: BE SAFE!