Jesse Malin: Disco Ghetto

Oh boy, how do I do this? I mean, you all know I am a HUGE Jesse Malin fan. I absolutely LOVE him as an artist and I’m crazy about his live shows… His songs, though, are ranging from pure genius to above-average-radio. And I’m not a big fan of the average, as you know. “Disco Ghetto” – which just came out as a single of his latest album “Love It To Life” is maybe one of the few more to average songs Jesse recently did. I’d compare it to Bruce’s “Girls In Their Summer Clothes”. Naw, it’s better than that, and Bruce got a Grammy for his take! It’s a great little tune when Jesse does it solo, raw, only accompanied by his guitar – great story – upbeat – for me, it just doesn’t spark on the record and I blame the production for cutting a few to many edges on it.

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