Gloria Swanson: A Friend Of Mine / A Cage Of Gold

Gloria Swanson: A Friend Of Mine

Please meet Gloria Swanson – the band, not the actress! Heading from Hagen, this bunch of students create a sound so unique, Gloria, the actress would be proud of them.

Intensity meets virtuousness, a spare arrangement, a unique voice and the wonderful concept of the “Cardinal Sessions” – putting musicians into unusual places to perform and record them – make these outstanding videos of outstanding performances of an outstanding and fascinating band.

Gloria Swanson: A Cage Of Gold

Christoph Hoffmann – Drums, Backing Vocals
Markus Foitzik – Bass, Organ
Louisa Lurweg – Violin, Tambourine
Lenz Plonka – Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Organ
Dennis Dippel – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Piano

Äehm… Did I really use the term “outstanding” that much???

Visit: Cardinal Sessions

UPDATE: Now that I was just ready to post this little piece, I had to learn via my Facebook, that the band officially separated. When? Yesterday…! That’s no joke! Serious!

People, that’s what I call a pitiful shame! For me! ‘Cause I was about to declare them my favorites of the moment… and now they’re part of history. I’m too old, too slow, too far away…

But anyway… Everybody involved really has all reasons to look back on Gloria Swanson and be proud of it!

Eventually, life goes on and history is made every moment!

2 thoughts on “Gloria Swanson: A Friend Of Mine / A Cage Of Gold

  1. Hey, i know it´s an old post, but they didn´t split up i guess. You can see on facebook that they are still working on new songs. But they have now only 4 members. Cheers

  2. Hey there just saw your little article about my band gloria swanson.. glad you like it! But there’s a mistake.. we didn’t seperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cardinal Sessions was just mistaking.. it is just a bit more quite because we are rehearsing and recording new songs.. i hope that we have something new up around next years! keep up the good work # Christoph

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