Matt Wade: Back On My Own

The Matt Wade Band: Back On My Own – Live at the Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ 2010.

Unlimited music talent in New Jersey – Part XIIVC…

I’m proud to present: Matt Wade & Band, heading from Point Pleasant, New Jersey, performing an original Matt Wade song live at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch. He’s one of those people who I found by clicking through “related videos” on YouTube. Never heard of Matt before and got hooked the second his piano sound came up… You’ve got to listen through the piece, although the picture quality is not the best, the music certainly is some of the best of any artists I know who still haven’t even released their first record yet… While “Back On My Own” is kind of the young Stevie Wonder meets the young Elton John… there is a lot more to discover on the album!

My favourites: City Song, Comfortable In Bed, How Could You

There will be more of Matt on this blog, that’s for sure. While you are listening to his music, you can also visit his website at or his page at BandCamp, where you can not only listen, but also purchase his (yet to be released and still untitled) album. While I prefer Matt’s unpolished live sound to the clean sound on the album, I’m sure, the record will raise some eyebrows and he and his band will make their way. ‘Cause they’ve got HORNS! Poor Matt! 😉

3 thoughts on “Matt Wade: Back On My Own

  1. And the name of the song is actually “Back On My Own” I guess whoever posted the video must have put Life instead of LIVE and so it looks like back on my own life. Hahaha. Either way though, thanks again! Much appreciated!

  2. Haha Matt, yeah… I fixed that title thing. I’ve made exactly that mistake you’ve mentioned. And… hej, it’s my absolute pleasure to plug your tunes. I have to thank you for sharing them in the first place! Good luck with the album! As I’m an old fashioned physical guy, I’ll buy one of the first copies!

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